Are You Wise Minded?

One of my favorite Dialectical Behavior Therapy concepts is "Wise Mind". Using your wise mind is all about balance and intuition. If you are too emotional, you may make poor and impulsive decisions. If you are overly rational, you may be boring and cold. Check out this diagram which provides a visual for this idea.

I find this diagram to be particularly useful for adolescents whose brains haven't quite mastered higher level executive functioning (rational decision making). It is also helpful for folks who have an emotional temperament or problems with boundaries in their relationships.

It can be so hard to stop and consider if we are being wise-minded in times of stress or decision making, but if we can "zoom out" and take an external perspective on the event, we can make healthy choices.

Can you think of times when it could be helpful to be rational-minded or emotional-minded? How do you strike a balance between the two in your own life?

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